Segula Technologies
Jean-Luc Baraffe
CIO : Chief Innovation Officer






Can you introduce your company to us?

SEGULA Technologies is an engineering group with a global presence, helping to boost competitiveness within all the major industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. Operating in 28 countries and with 140 offices worldwide, the Group fosters a close relationship with its customers thanks to the expertise of its 11,000 employees. As a leading engineering specialist placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, SEGULA Technologies undertakes large-scale projects, ranging from design and studies to industrialisation and production.

Will you present an innovative product or service at 2018?

Segula Technologies would like to become one of the leaders of AR in the industry.
Our expertise in the automotive industry as well as AR, enables us to propose THE efficient solution for our customers. Furthermore, we bring a complete package: content creation and the adequate AR device.
The Segula Technologies experts will demonstrate how AR is already impacting the automotive industry manufacturers, looking to simulate and reduce errors on assembly lines and processes.
On our stand, our team will show how to collaborate and design around a car engine. You will try out AR and 3D contents scenarios in realtime for training and maintenance cases.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming increasingly important in industrial manufacturing processes. Are they just new tools or do they impact real changes in the way we work?

AR technology allows users to overlay digital content with physical objects in real-time and environment with handheld devices. Industrial enterprises are already using AR to redesign their work processes and improve productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety of their skilled workers. More than a tool, this is a ‚game changer‚ transforming work across a wide number of job roles including field service, dealer service, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse operations, assembly line operations, training, maintenance, and repair.

We all have a good reason to come to the “AR/VR Marketplace by Laval Virtual” at Mondial Tech, what’s yours ?

The Segula Technologies team would like to invite and meet the automotive industry customers to support them in their digital transition plan by demonstrating how AR will accelerate business and processes. Furthermore, we participated at the Laval Virtual 2018 show which was a real success for us because of new many contacts.