Fidal is the largest leading independent business law firm in France. It is also the first law firm in
France to provide a comprehensive service dedicated to innovation.
As strategic partners of businesses, institutions and organizations, we strive to use the law as a
driving force to enhance their performance and growth in France and internationally.
We encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience. It is our way of offering to our clients –
whatever their size, business, geographical location or specific situation – insightful, reliable and
sound advice. Practical advice that protects them and plays an active role in their strategic and
business development.
As experts in their practice area using a transversal approach, our multidisciplinary teams include,
specialized lawyers, dedicated R&D engineers and intellectual property consultants allowing us to
speak the same language as our clients and understand their strategic issues by assisting them in
protecting and leveraging the value of their innovations.
We therefore put at the disposal of the sector’s economic stakeholders the skills of a large business
firm through our Innovation division which covers both legal and tax aspects related for example to
the protection of intellectual property developed under all its forms (trademarks, patents, etc.) or the
new personal data management regulations.

In a context of continuous change and development, and wishing to be a major player in automotive
innovation, it seemed natural for Fidal to be partner of the Mondial Tech which will take place in Paris this year.