On the occasion of the Mondial Paris Motor Show will be held the first Franco-German conference on Electric Mobility.


Entitled “France & Germany: An Electrical Connection,” the conference will take place on October 5th in the afternoon and will be divided into two parts:

  • The first part: How will public actors from Germany & France promote the ecosystem of electric mobility in public space (energy, charging infrastructure, new concepts of mobility such as car-sharing ….)?
  • The second part: Incentives for electro-mobility in France & Germany and their effects on city-level organization (free parking, purchase premium, priority routes …).

Representatives of companies, politicians, academics and public authorities will discuss the implementation at transnational level of optimal conditions for the use of electric vehicles.

This conference will also contribute to making electro-mobility a major focus of the European Union. There will also be “active electromobilists” from both countries.

The world’s most-historic car show offers an excellent platform for the two largest countries of the European Union to discuss the challenges and opportunities for alternative propulsion.

This conference is being organized by Danièle BEHR from BEHR Consulting on behalf of the Mondial Paris Motor Show in cooperation with Raimund NOWAK, Managing Director of the Metropolitan Region of Hanover Brunswick Göttingen Wolfsburg.


Participation is free and the complete program will be published during the summer of 2018.

To register or for other general information requests, please contact:

daniele.behr@neuf.fr and raimund.nowak@metropolregion.de