Emmanuelle ROGER

Can you introduce your company to us?
Convinced that Augmented Reality will reshape how we work in the future, we provide industrial companies with the best tools to take advantage of this revolution.

Will you present an innovative product or service at 2018?
We will present Bridge, our SaaS solution, which radically improve design, sales and training phases. Bridge is an Augmented Reality software solution making it easy to present 3D models to other people, removing the need to build real mockups and reducing logistics costs.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming increasingly important in industrial manufacturing processes. Are they just new tools or do they impact real changes in the way we work?
They are going to completely reshape the way we work, by bridging the gap between the physical space and the digital world.

We all have a good reason to come to the “AR/VR Marketplace by Laval Virtual” at Mondial Tech, what’s yours ?
Get a glimpse of what work will look like in the future.

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Immersive will be in the AR/VR Marketplace by Laval Virtual, at Mondial Tech, Oct. 2nd to the 6th.