The next edition of Mondial Tech will join leaders and experts from the Automotive industry, who are continuously looking for innovation and improvements in this field.This is the case of Karl-Heinz Füller from Daimler who will be part of the jury at Mondial Tech Startup Awards.

We recently interviewed Karl to know more about her participation and point of view regarding the Material & Weight Reduction in the automotive industry.

Please introduce yourself, present your experience and your role at Daimler.

My name is Karl-Heinz Füller  I am manager at Daimler Research & Development and I am responsible for material and concept innovations. Lightweight technologies were a major topic in the last years.

What is your current relationship with startups?

I am screening startups worldwide for new technologies. If we find interesting approaches & solutions we are doing a first prototype with the startups and offer them access to a broad network within our company.

What are the best ways for startups to stand out from the crowd today?

I guess, it’s mostly about having a good idea and making the potential transparent for everyone.

What are the challenges that startups face in the automotive and mobility industries today? How can technology address these challenges?

The mobility industries today are facing a great change due to the massive new opportunities digitalization offers. Main areas of innovation are connectivity, autonomous driving, sharing services and electrification. Startups can bring new perspectives and solutions into this ecosystem and usually are far more agile than “big companies”. Cooperating with startups brings more entrepreneurial spirit into our complex organization as well!

If you had to create a startup in the automotive industry right now, what would it be / what problem would it solve?

I would take care of organizing transportation. There are way too many traffic jams in today’s big cities.

What are the most important trends or latest innovations in the field of Material & Weight Reduction in the automotive industry?

One of the most important trends is functional integration. Efficiencies in production and cost management are important as well.

What do you expect from the finalists of Mondial.Tech Startup Awards?

I’m looking forward to see some brilliant technical approaches!

Which parameters will you consider for choosing the winner?

The main parameters for me are the potential I see in the presented idea as well as the overall quality of the presentation.

What is the unique quality you bring to the Mondial.Tech Startup Awards jury?

I think a I have quite of an experience in the automotive industry (it’s 25 years now), especially in the area of materials, processes and concepts.

Thanks Karl-Heinz for your time! We look forward to welcoming you at Mondial Tech!

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