At Mondial.Tech, CES unveils the main “tech” topics of 2019


For its second day, Mondial.Tech welcomed the CES teams and their CES Unveiled Paris event, which provided an overview of the trends and innovations that will be presented in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January 2019.

France occupies a special place in the biggest tech event in the world: in 2018, it represented the second largest delegation, with 32% of the startups at the Eureka Park (just behind the United States), while the number of French attendees jumped by 55% between 2016 and 2018. The CES Unveiled Paris event was the occasion for the organizers to distinguish 56 French startups as part of their “Innovation Awards Program”.

Among all the technologies that will be presented at the 2019 CES, those related to data collection and exploitation will be under the spotlights. “We are surrounded by data all the time. As we move into the next decade, this dynamic will continue to expand exponentially” said Steve Koenig, Senior Director of Market Research at Consumer Technology Association (CTA). This dynamic will also increase the focus on privacy and cybersecurity…

5G will be one of the drivers of this new “data age”: meaning faster connections, at a higher capacity and with reduced latency. “5G is really the key ingredient that will drive the development of consumer electronics. It will power many other technologies, such as the Smart City and driverless vehicles that everyone looks forward to experience. At CES 2019, the excitement around 5G will be palpable” predicts Steve Koenig.

Another fundamental trend will be Artificial Intelligence. For chip and processors designers or terminal manufacturers, the topic will be central. “Connected speakers have become the ‘must-have’ products. It’s not just a question of terminals, but it’s also a topic for brands, services, marketing. It’s like having a website 20 years ago, now you need to have a presence in voice, on personal assistants.”

The voice is indeed one of the key topics of the moment: “we are at a turning point in the behavior of consumers: users of connected speakers are switching to voice for some of the tasks for which they usually used their internet browser or an application on their smartphone” added Steve Koenig, quoting a study conducted by the CTA in Spring 2018.

Finally, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and although their adoption by the public is still limited, will continue to mobilize device manufacturers and content producers. “In terms of adoption, there is still ways to go. In our prospective studies of the VR and AR terminals market, we are looking for the inflection point, but it is still a long way … maybe in the next decade. But there will still be innovations in content and terminals that will inspire people to test and adopt these technologies. ”

And what about the car industry? As manufacturers reduce their investments in traditional automotive trade shows, in favor of consumer electronic events, the CES has become one of the top event for the industry… Connected and autonomous vehicle will be a hot topic in Las Vegas, alongside cyber-security and the future of mobility. “The CES will highlight the technologies that make cars safer and drivers more connected. It is now one of the most important car shows in the world. In 2019, we expect more than 150 exhibitors in the automotive sector,” said Karen Chupka, Executive Vice President of CES.

A new theme will be discussed for the first time in Las Vegas, through conferences and an exhibition space: “resilient” technologies, serving security, health or the fight against natural disasters and terrorism. “Our mission is to encourage and showcase innovations that help improve the human condition” concluded Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association.

Benoit Zante, Hub Institute

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