Mondial Tech asked to Via ID to analyze the 64 finalists of the Mondial Tech Awards.

Let’s find out the big trends coming out of these startups in the 8 following categories:

Sustainable mobility, Electrification & Hybridization, Connectivity & ITS, Industry 4.0, Storage & Energetic Systems, Well-being, Security, Automatization & cybersecurity, Material & Weight reduction.

The 1st observation will be on the target as 94% of the startups are on a B2B market. This data is representative of what we’ve noticed at Via ID in the mobilities sector in our different incubating and accelerating programs. Besides, it is often easier to enter a b2b market as the corporates are willing to collaborate with innovative and agile suppliers.

To help these startups growing, lots of territories, universities and corporates propose a startup program which are useful as 75% of our finalists have done one. Finally, 78% of these startups already raised money but it’s interesting to note that 58% are actually raising money !

About Via ID
Created in 2009 by Mobivia (Norauto, Midas, ATU), Via ID is a business accelerator that supports in the long term projects related to new modes of mobility: daily, smart, sustainable. With offices in Lille, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and Singapore, the Via ID’s team supports startups in France and abroad
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