Ridecell presents “Carsharing as the Path to Autonomous Ridehailing” at Mondial.Tech

Ridecell, the intelligent platform for new mobility services that helps to launch, operate, and scale a new carsharing, ridesharing and autonomous ridehailing service, will present the conference “Carsharing as the Path to Autonomous Ridehailing”, next October 5th at Mondial.Tech.

The conference will be given by Mark THOMAS, VP of Marketing & Alliances at Ridecell and will discuss interesting topics regarding the future of Autonomous vehicles and carsharing services.

The real revolution with autonomous vehicles will be autonomous mobility-as-a-service, rather than pure individual ownership. But where and how will these cars know where to go? What tools will be required to run a successful autonomous ridehailing service in the future?

Autonomous vehicles will need a platform to direct them to pick up riders and to verify who is entering and exiting the vehicle.

They will need extensive fleet management and predictive maintenance platforms to understand potential wear issues, automate towing, recharging, and cleaning, detect left items etc. to keep autonomous vehicles operating reliably.

Entering carsharing and ridesharing services today are the best way for OEMs to best position themselves for autonomous service revolution.

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See more about this conference here: https://mondialtech.sched.com/event/FiLm