Dwayne Iserief
Co-founder – COO

Can you introduce your company to us?
Uptale is a company specialized in Immersive Learning, who offers a unique way to train employees in Virtual Reality. The Uptale platform allows professionals working on learning challenges, to create, share and track educational immersive experiences, on all devices. Learning by immerging employees in any type of situations (on a production line, in highly secured environment, in the workplace, …) offers a highly engaging and realistic training solution without any logistics constraints and the right to fail. This new learning method is 5 times more efficient to acquire and apply new skills than any other traditional method (e-learning, powerpoint, classroom,…). Uptale is a French start-up, located at Station F, supported by Microsoft and already trusted by large organizations such as PSA, Faurecia, Delfingen and Harvard.

Will you present an innovative product or service at 2018?
We will present the Enterprise version of our Immersive Learning Platform tailored for large corporations such as the automotive industry.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming increasingly important in industrial manufacturing processes. Are they just new tools or do they impact real changes in the way we work?
For us it is a radically new approach that enriches learning offer with a solution that works (75 – 90% long-term retention) Takes learner’s engagement to a next level (5 times more engaging than any other learning solution), Saves (a lot of) time and money (Create, maintain and measure with no external dependencies), Scale across business (Trusted by +100 enterprises and prestigious international partners)

We all have a good reason to come to the “AR/VR Marketplace by Laval Virtual” at Mondial Tech, what’s yours ?
Showcasing the great projects we have made for our Car Manufacturing clients such as Valeo, PSA, Delfingen and Faurecia.

Your website and Social Networks
www.uptale.io – https://www.linkedin.com/company/uptale


https://twitter.com/uptale_io https://medium.com/@uptale

Uptale will be in the AR/VR Marketplace by Laval Virtual, at Mondial Tech, Oct. 2nd to the 6th.