Laurent Chrétien, CEO Laval Virtual

New virtual technologies are essential for the development and growth of companies in all sectors. The automotive industry is among the first precursors, especially for design, prototyping, training etc…


Enlighten decision makers

The partnership between Laval Virtual and the Paris Motor Show: Laval Virtual@Mondial.Tech is launching a new thematic step, after the geographical one of Laval Virtual Asia ; for the development and extension of its expertise. With this new format, Laval Virtual will concentrate at Mondial.Tech, from October 2 to 6, innovative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow in advance of phases and make them discover to the professional visitors (40 000 attendees expected).

Because all professions are and will be impacted : training, maintenance, marketing but also ways of communicating in automobile dealership, on trade fairs, etc.. Mondial.Tech’s interest for decision makers is therefore very strong and Laval Virtual will be able to present them, in an area of over 700 square meter called “The VR/AR Marketplace by Laval Virtual”, turnkey solutions with exhibitors ready to massively deploy their technology.


Laval : A territory dedicated to Automotive

Laval is the capital of Virtual Reality, gathering start-ups, multinational companies, research laboratories and engineers schools. It’s also a territory dedicated to automotive, where many industrials units are based on : Gruau, Tenneco, Valeon Mann + Hummel, Estaca etc… An obvious and natural synergy has long since emerged between industrials from automotive and the virtual reality ecosystem. It is therefore no coincidence that since 1999, Laval Virtual has been the pioneer and reference exhibition for these developments and the world leader in the fied of immersive technologies and uses of the virtual world.


Supporting companies in this mutation

This excellence has given birth to a center: the Laval Virtual Center, bringing together the Laval Virtual association, the CLARTE research center and the Institut des Arts et Métiers Paris-Tech de Laval. A real place of expertise to independently accompany professionals from every field, wishing to use innovative technologies : virtual, augmented and mixed reality, artificial intelligence, interactive 3D, motion capture, and other emerging technologies. The Laval Virtual Center will be present at Mondial.Tech to help companies in this mutation.


To promote all the uses of augmented and virtual reality for professionals within and outside our borders is our primary objective. To do so with passion, loyalty and kindness, is our trademark.


Paris Motor Show (Hall 7)

The VR/AR Marketplace by Laval Virtual